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#1 program for helping busy officials get in the best shape of their lives in less than 3 hours a week

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"If you want to invest in your health by working with David, DO IT!"

- John


"When I say David Zetts is the real deal, I mean it!"

- Gabrielle

Tayson - DZ 2

"In a matter of 8 weeks, I had already gained 10 lbs of muscle."

- Tayson

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"I have lost over 10 inches collectively, after three months."

- Kara

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If you’re tired of guessing on your way to the results you want then this program is the simplest, easiest, most time tested, proven to work system you will ever need.

As a referee, you need to be able to do 3 simple things well in terms of your fitness.

  1. Look the part as a referee so people take you seriously.
  2. Perform like the athlete you are so you get less pushback.
  3. Have more fun, prolong your career and live pain-free so you can make
    piles of money doing what you love year after year after year.

I want to show you how to do all 3 of those things in the most efficient way possible in just 3 hours of simplicity per week so you create the exact body you want and most importantly, KEEP IT THAT WAY.


If you don’t believe you can do all that in just 3 workouts per week...

check out what some of your fellow colleagues have to say...

DZ Fav
High school & collegiate basketball, soccer and lacrosse.


Before starting David’s program, I knew what my goals were, but I did not know how to get there. I went to the gym for years but was not getting the results I wanted. With David’s help I was able to get there quickly, and the best part is, I now know my progress will never stop.

I have always been a little skeptical about personal training or coaching because of the fear of spending money and seeing no results. After talking to David, I could tell how passionate he was about his work which made me feel comfortable. When it comes to fitness, he is enthusiastic, motivating and deeply knowledgeable. He pushes me to meet my goals and he makes my workouts fun and challenging at the same time.

After doing David’s program for only five months and counting, I cannot say enough great things about the positive impacts his program has had on me. There have been incredible results and I can see and feel the difference, and I feel amazing!

When it comes to personal training, we demand the best as athletes and referees and I can tell you, David is the man! Going with David will be one of your best investments you make for yourself. He will make you feel and look confident and amazing along with the great results.”

NCAA DI Basketball, Police Officer


My life before I started Referee Advantage was pretty active. I would find workouts online and exercise 5-6 days a week. I was staying in shape but not seeing the results I wanted. I also was not tracking my numbers so I never really knew if I was making progress or not.

When I met David, he immediately gave me accountability structure and proof of improvement.

Now I train 3 days per week with the most results I've seen in my life. My lower body is so much stronger than ever before which will help prevent injury and provide longevity in both of my careers.

Side note: I love golf. My max yardage on my drive used to be 265. After working with David, I’m now hitting it easily in the 315-325 range!

One tip I can provide to you is "pull the trigger.” Everyone in officiating works out and wants to be in great shape. But few of us have workout plans tailored to you specifically. David does an exceptional job of making your workout plan for you and making sure you get the best out of yourself.”

Derek DZ
John Testimonial Image


Before I started working with David, my knees and my back hurt on a daily basis. My fitness routine was outdated and the same sort of training I used while playing college basketball. Now, with my current routine, I consistently improve in athleticism while the programming continuously
builds up my body which I love.

Working with David has created a big shift in mindset to simply be strong mentally day in and day out.

Now my life is great! The workouts are still challenging (LOL) but they have strengthened my weaknesses in my body and given me a new variety of movements which I like a lot.

If you want to invest in your health by working with David, DO IT! He understands how to help you become the best version of yourself. He programs to work on your weakness and make you healthy overall - not just from an aesthetics perspective.

High School Basketball, Retired School Principal


Before starting my program, I was stagnant, and minor aches and pains just wouldn't resolve themselves. I worked out 4-5 times a week, but 20-30 minutes of cardio and a weight circuit twice a week weren't doing it for me, and in December I could already feel myself wearing down.

I get a big sense of accountability from being in the program, as well as clear and visible improvements in my physique, strength, and flexibility. I felt better in February than I ever had at the end of a season.

The strength gains from the program are phenomenal, and it has given me the confidence to push myself more than I have in recent years. Even a recent injury has proved to be nothing more than a speed bump, as David adapted my program to help me work through it.

My perspective is probably a bit different from most referees, since I'm a little older and my officiating goals aren't necessarily to move up to the next level. David can help you develop the physical tools that will enable you to not only do that, but also to lengthen your career by improving your strength and flexibility. If you're looking for longevity, this is how you get it.

Robert DZ
David Zetts Client 2
Entrepreneur, CEO


I initially started working with David because I had let myself go and was not happy with how I looked.

I wanted to take a “lazy approach” to fitness and only work out 3 days per week for 1 hour because that’s all my schedule would allow.

I couldn’t believe what happened after just 8 weeks. I looked like a completely new person and I am now the strongest I have ever been in my life!

Consultant, Mother


Before I met David, I was at a point in my life when my wellness had taken a back seat to my children and career. Exercise at that time was random and usually ended up with injuries.

David developed a training program for me that focused on addressing injuries, strengthening my weaknesses, and building a strong foundation. He taught me the importance of consistency and patience, and how the recognition of milestones is as important as celebrating the end goal.

Within one year, I went from 30% body fat at 122 lbs to 20% body fat at the exact same weight. I am also the strongest I have been in my life!

Kara DZ


Life before Training with RefereeAdvantage consisted of endless steady state cardio and weightlifting to “tone”. Since working with David, I have tracked ALL of my reps and sets and weight increases and have seen some major improvements. Another major shift I have seen is in how my clothes fit. I have lost over 10 inches collectively, mostly in my thighs and hips, and couldn’t be happier.

The biggest benefit I have seen since training with David Zetts is how I feel on the court. Not only do I feel confident in how I look, but more importantly, I feel ready for anything. My Transition speed is definitely improved, and I only have David to thank for that. I also feel like I have so much time back in my day because I am actually spending less time working out to get the results I have been looking for.

If you are thinking about starting training I have two tips for you: 1.Trust the process and 2. Put the scale away. The best thing I have done in all of this is trusted David. At the beginning it was really hard to walk away from what I “knew” about fitness and trust that his method would get me the results I was looking for in much less time and much fewer miles.

Ultimately, I couldn’t be happier with my results so far and can’t wait to see what David has in store for me in the future!


Before starting Referee Advantage, I was in a place in my life (health wise) where I knew I needed to make positive change. This change included losing 20 plus pounds, maintaining that weight, getting stronger, developing good health habits, and being consistent in my efforts.

After partnering with Dave Zetts, one shift that I implemented was commiting to consistent training and better (but not perfect) nutrition.

One thing that was unexpected was the level of enjoyment that I would experience working through the different stages of my exercises programs. It was not the chore that I thought it would be. The positive results were a pleasant surprise in terms of how quickly they came and how well I looked.

My life (thanks to God) in terms of work, family and health was great then and is still great but has the added benefit of consistency, encouragement and support in achieving my health goals.

I encourage others to partner with Dave in achieving their goals. He treats you as the individual that you are, he is very encouraging (never condescending) and applies his technical knowledge and people skills deftly in working with you.

Jeff Moore
Tayson DZ
High School Basketball


When my gyms shut down due to COVID-19, I reached out to David to build me a plan that I could follow from home.

I am completely blown away with my results, especially considering the fact that the program is just 3 days per week of training. David met me right where I was in terms of my experience and fitness levels and took me to a whole new level.

My goal was to gain muscle, which has always been difficult for me to do.

In a matter of 8 weeks, I had already gained 10 lbs of muscle. It has now been 3 months and I have gained 15 lbs of muscle and couldn’t be more pleased with what I have learned and experienced.

NCAA Basketball


When I say David Zetts is the real deal, I mean it! He knows what he's talking about, a great teacher and overall just a great person. We hit our initial goals on improving mobility, getting stronger 💪🏾, getting leaner (aka 4 inches off my waist) and increasing my speed. Now that I'm back in the gym and the season is quickly approaching, it's time for us to revisit and revamp the goals list. Thanks Coach and I'm glad to be a part of your #RefereeAdvantage program!

Gabrielle DZ

Disclaimer: This is not a run-of-the mill fitness program for the masses.

Our job is to get you results in the fastest way possible around your busy life and endless responsibilities.

Whatever your goals are, the secret to your success is to follow a process that requires very little time while giving you everything you need to create the body you want and keep it that way.



Hi, my name is David Zetts and I have coached hundreds of referees around the world to help them get into perfect shape for higher level games, bigger paychecks and pain free careers. I currently work with men and women referees in high school, junior college, NCAA DIII, DII & D1, FIBA NBA G-league and NBA to help them BLOW AWAY fitness expectations, create the bodies they want and most importantly, keep it that way.

In order to make that happen, it is important for you to understand that your process to achieving the amazing looking body you want should compliment your life, not consume it.

So forget the cookie cutter 5-6 day per week fitness routines that leave you burnt out and guessing.

My goal is to help you get from your current situation to your desired situation quickly and effectively so you see head turning results.

So when it comes to a customized, done for you system specific to you and what you want, look nowhere else.

Because I don’t want you to have to think about what you should be doing or whether or not it will work for you.

You’re not going to guess when you blow your whistle, so stop guessing on
your way to a result and apply now to see if you would be a great fit for Referee Advantage.

Here’s what you’ll get...



Simplify the science of transforming your body, so you become stronger, more muscular, and torch stubborn body fat.

Simplify your schedule. Every aspect of your training plan will be handcrafted to fit your schedule, your goals, and the equipment you have available.

End the frustration of wondering, “what should I do today?” or “how do I do this exercise?” With our custom app, I’ll provide written and video guidance all at the touch of a button on your phone from anywhere in the world.

Answer all your training questions so you become self-sufficient for the rest of your life. If you have any questions about ANYTHING we’re doing, I’m more than happy to explain why. Getting in great shape is easy when you have an expert in your corner to make the process specific to you and your situation.

You’ll transform your mindset as you transform your body, unlocking new levels of confidence to conquer any road block that might come your way.


Simplify eating healthy to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Your fitness plan should complement your life, not consume it, and so should your eating habits. I don’t expect you to carry a cooler full of broccoli and chicken and miss out on a good cocktail or steak.

Accelerate your transformation by eating the right foods in the right amounts so you look your best without feeling guilty and without having to guess. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create the body that you want and keep it that way while still enjoying life to its fullest.

Apply now to schedule your 100% FREE no obligation, break through strategy session with your coach to see if you are a great fit for Referee Advantage.

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